Lies of the Enemy

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If you have been going through ‘rough times’ recently, you are not alone. Although knowing this will not make your troubles go away, at least it might help you to know that it is not just ‘about you’ or ‘only you’. The world has a saying that states “misery loves company”. But as a Believer in the King of Kings, I would ask you not to buy into that lie.

We are in a season where the enemy is attacking all of us…any way, anywhere, any time he can. Just because we are Believers in Yeshua we are not excluded from the attacks. Some come at us through people; some through our own thoughts; some through our circumstances. But they do come

So how do we cope with this, you ask? Well, by believing the WORD of the ONE who sets you Free; by choosing to say and do what HE is asking you to say and do. Do not submit yourself to the lies of the enemy. It is not easy. But it is HIS promise to you; to bring you through…all the fiery trials, all the pain, all the emotional anguish. And I am not saying deny it. I am saying DEFY it!

Decree the promise to the attack! Declare God is Good ALL THE TIME! STAND IN THE ANOINTING THAT HE HAS GIVEN YOU. Stand in the promises of GOD. If you choose, HE will give you the strength to do it.


Jeremiah 29:11 promises you “I know the plans I have for you. They are for good and not for evil. They are for hope and an expected end.” Expected end means Destiny. So do not wait! Choose now to receive a mindset change! A thought transplant! Believe the Creator of the Universe… Not the snake on the ground!

The LORD will honor your choice. Your Faith will make you whole! You are not alone in your mess. HE IS WITH YOU! Choose to believe HIS Word! I’m not saying it is easy, but I am saying it is good and It will create results that you will like; results that HE PROMISES to you.

Again, I say, we do not deny it…WE DEFY IT! STAND IN HIS TRUTH…no matter what your circumstances look like. You will not fall or fail. He is a GOOD GOOD FATHER! And HE loves you.

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson
Dr. MaryAnn Robertson

Founder of High Place Ministries

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