Believe Again!


Today, as I sit here to write this, I am burdened by the thought of all people who are currently held in captive in pain, (physical or emotional), all those in blinded by deception, and even all those people bound by confusion and fear.

We live in a world where all these things are predominant…on the news, on social media, in our homes, even in our churches.  How sad it must be for the Lord, as HE looks and sees the mess we humans have made. 

How sad it is for so many people, who think this is their only option!  Even ‘Christians’ who have believed the lie that says ‘this is all there is’.

I am here to say NO!  This is NOT all there is!  NO!  Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundantly!  What does that mean?  It doesn’t just mean our financial needs met.  It doesn’t just mean our Godly desires met!  It doesn’t just mean health or relationship, or joy is possible!  It means HE DIED so we could Live!  HE DIED and rose again, so we could rise above the enemy’s plots and plans and live a life that gives Glory to HIM!  It means that the Lord has a Destiny for each person….and if the enemy can keep each of us believing the lies, he can keep us bound in pain, sickness, fear, confusion, and lack! 

It is time for an AWAKENING.  It is time for those of us in the Body of Christ to stop believing the lies, so we can get up, go out, and make a difference in our world…our church, our neighborhood, our family.

It is time!

The Lord is calling us to COME ALIVE AND BELIEVE AGAIN! Don’t stay in confusion, doubt, unbelief, and fear. Wake Up! Rise Up and Believe HIS word is True! HE says we are the Head and not the tail, we are Above and not Beneath! Not because of us…but because of HIS Work on our behalf. We are NOT above our brothers and sisters—those who know HIM and those who do not…yet. We are
Above the enemy….and all his wicked schemes.

So, let’s all ‘re-up’ in the army of the Lord and let us Believe again!  It is time!  Time to shake off the confusion. Time to know who we are in HIM! Time to take the Love we have been given and share it with those who hate; those who fear; those who are confused; and those who have believed the lies.

It is time to declare to a lost and dying world, “This is NOT ALL THERE IS!”

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson
Dr. MaryAnn Robertson

Founder of High Place Ministries

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