Never Give Up

History tells us that a world leader once said: “Never, Never, never give up!”.

Have you given up?  Do you feel like giving up?  Are you considering giving up?

If so, WAIT!  I want to encourage you from the Word of God.  HE says everything HE has promised you, will come to pass.  Does it come quickly?  Not usually.  Does it come easily?  Not usually.  But it Does Come!

What are you waiting for and longing for?  What are you desiring?  What are you believing for?  Are you still waiting for a relative to get saved, a spouse to be redeemed, a child to come home, a job promotion, a book published, a friend to apologize, finances to breakthrough, a child to be conceived, a husband/wife to ‘show up’, healing for your body, or a dream not mentioned here to be realized?


If it has not come to pass, do NOT give up.  It is known that a horse can win a major race…. like the Kentucky Derby….by only an inch.  It is called a photo finish.

We are all a moment in time where the Photo Finish for our life is at hand! I believe this applies to us individually, corporately and it applies to our Nation as well. Everything we have been promised by the Lord!  All those things we desire to achieve …. and have not yet achieved…Everything.  It is in HIS hands and HE is faithful.  IF you know you have had a Word from the Lord about it, then keep moving forward!  If the horse on the racetrack gives up in the last two feet of the track, it does not win.  But if it keeps running the race, it can win by ‘an inch’!

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson
Dr. MaryAnn Robertson

Founder of High Place Ministries

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