Snuggle Up With God

Snuggle Up With God

I find it interesting that I had named this blog…Living Nuggets…almost a year ago.

And today, what we all need is truly Nuggets to live by.  Of course, the WORD of the Lord is the most certain and powerful word by which to live. That is not even a question.

What is a question right now is, “How did we get here?” “How did this happen?  Where is God in all this virus confusion and chaos?”  And yes, there is an answer…at least to some of this.

Where Is God?

“Where is God?” That one is easy!  He is right here, right now!  He will never leave us nor forsake us. His Word is true and it says that He will never leave us.  So even though this virus has come…. God has not left us!  He did not put this on us, but He can and I believe will use it to bring us higher in Him, and to bring an outcome to the earth, that only He understands. 

What the enemy means for harm, He will turn to good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  And if  He has never been first in your life, maybe now is the time to invite Him to take the position of Lord in your life.

Lord means you agree to trust Him and walk with Him, knowing He is with you and He loves you so much! Lord means, it is your joy to do His will!  Lord means you choose to receive the truth that the battle is not yours, but it is His!  He will fight for you!  He does fight for you! He is fighting for you!  At this very moment.

Snuggle UP With God!

Many prophetic words have come forth, and many scriptures, from all streams, and sources.  They are all strong and can help give you direction…even answers.  But I believe what the Lord really desires from all of us right now, is that we just ‘snuggle’ up with Him- we do not have to be ‘social distancing’ from Him- and let Him pour His peace and promise into our hearts and minds.  It is time to turn off the social media, the texting, the TV, Facebook, Instagram, the broadcasts on talk radio, and just listen…for Him to speak.  If you listen, if you get still, I promise you will hear His voice.  Whether through reading His Word, or just sitting in the quiet of your prayer space, you will hear.  And you will know.

The Lord has something for all of us during this season.  It may not look like what we had planned, or even like what we wanted, but He is working and moving and we will ultimately benefit from it. If we allow Him to be the Lord of our life!

So today, receive His Peace, His total, complete, whole, nothing missing, nothing lacking, authority over chaos PEACE! And know that even though you can’t see it, He is still on the Throne and He is still working on your behalf.  HE LOVES YOU! And HE knows right where you are!  His Word for you is “I know what you need and when you need it”!  So receive MY PEACE.

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson Founder of High Place Ministries