What and Whom Do You Choose?


What and Whom Do You Choose?

Today is a day where we have a choice to make.  We can choose to look horizontally at all the terrible things happening, in our lives, and around the world, OR we can choose to press into the Word of the Lord.  His Word is TRUTH.  HE IS TRUTH. His Word says Perfect Love casts out Fear.  HE IS PERFECT LOVE.

So, what do we do today?  The atmosphere in our nation is one of fear, exaggeration, and even deception.  Do we, as the Kingdom Citizens we are called to be, do we succumb to the atmosphere?  Or do we listen and obey the Word of the Lord?

I cannot choose for you.  You cannot choose for me.  We each must press further into our relationship with our King; and we must hear from him.  Truth.

As we walk step by step toward Pentecost Sunday (May 31, 2020), I sense the Lord saying “Keep going, do not stop, do not cower, do not hide.  I AM coming with fresh fire and new waves of revival, harvest, and awakening. I AM coming with signs, wonders, and miracles. But I MUST have a Body who will be My voice, My touch, My Ambassadors. I AM shifting. I AM bringing My Kingdom to earth.  It is no longer a wish…a dream…a prayer…it is no longer ‘out there’ somewhere.


Will you choose Kingdom Living or will you choose to stay in the past?  Will you choose courage and faith and trust in Me or will you choose to stay hidden, isolated, weakened, and afraid?  It is your choice.

The time is now.  What do you choose this day? Who do you choose this day? The time is now!

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson, Founder High Place Ministries