You Reflect the Creator

photo by Cindi Robertson Copywrite 2019 Michigan woods view

Have you ever wondered if the hopes and dreams you carry will come to pass?
I know I have.

Have you ever felt like you were going to do something ‘great’ for and with God, and then condemned yourself, because you felt like you were being prideful?
I know I have.

Have you ever been on the verge of giving up? Too weary to press on? Not wanting to wait any longer?
I know I have.

The world has a saying… ‘misery loves company’. Frankly, I do not want to be miserable with or without the world. I just want to walk in the fullness of my destiny. In Him!
I know you do too.

So, I heard someone say recently that “we feel that we are to do something great for God because the God of Greatness lives in us!” How freeing that was for me to hear.
I hope it frees you too!

The religious spirit delights in keeping us ‘frozen’ in the place of self-condemnation, accusation, and Self-doubt.

I know I have been there.
I know you have too!

Think about this again. The God of Creation lives in you…and you live in Him. Therefore, the great plans, the great dreams, the great things you desire to do for the Kingdom, all come from Him. (Of course, that is if you are truly dead to your flesh and wanting to follow Him fully!) But as you follow Him, you do die daily, so know that the ‘great’ things you desire to do, are coming from the GREAT GOD who lives in you, and in whom you live and move and have your being.

The God of the universe is truly a Good, Good Father and He gives you dreams to accomplish Great things for the Kingdom. Do not condemn yourself anymore. Stay humble before Him, but also be confident in Him. His Greatness is yours and your great accomplishments are His!

Dr. MaryAnn Robertson
Dr. MaryAnn Robertson

Founder of High Place Ministries

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