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​We come with hearts to worship and press in.  We desire to become more intimate with our Lord.  We dance, we flag, we pray, we decree and declare.  We hear the Rhema Word of the Lord for the season at hand. We move by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Although we have an agenda, we allow the Holy Spirit to control the direction we take.
   If the Spirit says intercede now, we do. If Holy Spirit says Worship now, we will.  You will experience liberty and a freedom in the Spirit like never before.  You will be healed, delivered, and so SET FREE! 


This is not your Mama’s Retreat!

It is generational: women and girls (5 years old and up) .. All are welcomed!
Worshiper at Women of the Kingdom gathering.

Women of the Kingdom! Leadership Summit combines great preaching, worship/praise, and teaching, in a setting especially prepared for you. Come prepared to meet your King, develop a deep and more intimate relationship with Jesus and be refreshed. It offers a time to renew old friendships and make new ones


Women of the Kingdom was birthed during the 90 Days of His Presence at Freedom Church, led by Apostle Dutch Sheets.  We were birthed with GOVERNMENTAL AND WORSHIP DNA.  We love our King and HIS his presence and desire to walk in His Authority,  Identity and Purpose.  We believe that comes from being in HIS PRESENCE in worship and intimacy.

Next Step…Join Us!

Women of the Kingdom  is a part of the remnant of believers who excitedly move with the prophetic calendar of the Lord.  If you are hungry for more of Him, please plan on attending our next Women of the Kingdom ~ Leadership Summit ~ 2020.

Glen Eyrie Castle

Has Been Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to notify you of the cancellation of this years WOK Leadership Summit, to be held at the Castle at Glen Eyrie.

The Navigators own and operate the Castle and the amenities.  When they moved our date to the end of the month, and all of you were still so excited and gracious, wanting to attend, I thought great!  BUT, I never suspected that I would be contacted by Glen Eyrie and told: “We cannot have you onsite the end of the month either”.  

FEAR is NEVER a good thing…or a GOD thing…but that has been the spirit released over our nation, by this virus.  So, here we are.

We have no choice but to work on rescheduling for a new date.  I assure you I have been working on that continuously.    AGAIN, I AM SO SORRY!!!!! I AM LITERALLY GRIEVING OVER THIS. And I know many of you will be sad too. 

SO NOW WHAT?  There are 3 options for you to select from – they are:

1) High Place Ministries refunds your registration fee in total. 

2) You may choose to donate a portion of your fee to help cover all the costs associated with this event that have already been incurred. That  will be greatly appreciated. 

3) There is one more option I would ask you to consider.

We will be re-booking …although it could be next May at this point.  If you desire to leave your registration in place for the re- scheduling, please call us right away at 719-271-8112 (Admin) or 719-233-3207(main HPM number) and let us know. (We will start a new list and you will be guaranteed a spot.  We filled up this year before Feb.) OR you may email us at highplaceministries@msn.com. but let us know.

Once we  hear from you, refunds will be by check, even if you  paid via pay pal since they take a fee out when you paid, and they would take money out if we refunded that way.  So tedious as it will be, we will be writing and sending out checks as quickly as we can.

Please let us know your preference via call or email.  And please know that we tried as hard as we could to get Glen Eyrie to follow through for us.  But GOD knows and GODknew and we choose to believe HIS reason is great and HIS REWARD FOR OUR PERSISTENCE, will be great!

As a leader it is my job to remind you that HE IS STILL ON THE THRONE and HE knew all this would happen.  So I encourage everyone to Keep Standing, Keep Pressing, Keep Trusting.  HE has a plan for all of us!

I know we all long to be together again!  AND WE WILL! I am praying now that you are safe and that you KNOW HE is your healer, provider, protector and most of all, HE IS YOUR FRIEND and LORD and KING!

(please check out our face book page for the Kingdom Worship  Nuggets and also go to our website for video updates and blogs.  We WANT TO STAY CONNECTED even in this strange and unusual time.  CALL US FOR PRAYER too! We would love to pray for you and to hear how you are doing.

Blessings and Love,

Dr MaryAnn Robertson, Founder

We are mobilizing the Lord’s remnant army of women to rise up and learn to live as daughters of the King!

two women at Leadership Summit

Invite Women of the Kingdom to come to an area near you.

What our Women Say About the Gathering

Colorado Gathering

What a glorious time that was! I am so looking forward to May 2020. The beautiful snow, the dancing Stars of David, the Holy presence of our God. Angels singing. Wow! I still thank God for healing my ears and giving me my hearing back. What an amazing time! I’ve been thinking a lot about how we begin where we ended the year before. Heaven came down last year and met us. I can’t even imagine the wonders Papa is preparing for 2020???. GLORY!!

Minnesota Gathering

Wow, what can I say but Thank You God for inviting me!!! I watched women transform before my eyes over the course of days and be set free to love and serve their Lord in new and deeper ways. Praying God will continue His good work in them for His pleasure and Kingdom.  JF intimate relationship Closer relationship with Christ

Oklahoma Gathering

​“I wanted to tell you how much the gathering meant to me. It was literally life-changing. I was so thankful that P. was able to go too and experience what she did – to have one more person in my church hungry for more! She had never been slain in the spirit before. When you said that you had found your tribe that really resonated in me. It was so good to be somewhere where everything I heard was the truth. Thanks so much for inviting us and for all the hard work and prayer that went into that!” JV

Nevada Gathering

After attending the Oklahoma 2014 Gathering I had to attend L.V. God showed up again in a very powerful way. He guided me even more as to what direction I was moving in him and my future. He revealed the gifts he had given me since before I was born. Each time I go to a WOK Gathering I grow more in him and he grows more in me. I want more. CR

Texas Gathering

I had a glorious time at the conference and ready to sign up for the next one! I really got a lot out of the conference. I was given a prophecy that was confirmed in the word and received the same prophesy from my pastor the following Sunday. The best thing about the conference was that it brought rain to my desert!” CB